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I've underestimated my charm { AGAIN }

Deux's Journal

23 June
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  • deux1992@livejournal.com
Hi =)

name: Deux
age: 18
gender: female ;)
from: Germany
loves: well, I do a lot of photoshop or just surf around the communities, you know.. I also play the piano and I enjoy watching good films or reading a few good books, like the Twilight sagas, but also classics or even sci-fi, so my taste in many things is really disparate^^ I also think I couldn't stand a day without music.. Indie Rock is my currently preferred "genre".. Yeah, I usally like everything that's weird and screams "neeerd". I'm usually defo an optimist ;)
hates no, that's too pesimistic^^
dislikes: pesimists^^, arrogant people..
programme: Photoshop CS2, I first got it in April '07, but really started to use it around August '07
else: Hey guys, how are you?^^
Feel free to comment. I don't have any problems with criticism, so please tell me what you really think =)

Also, I'd love you to bits if you'd have a look at my graphics community Abstract Plain!

You wanna be my friend?? If so, tell me a bit about you, please =)